Being a pet-friendly Park, we welcome tourist caravanners with small pets, subject to the following conditions:

1. The prospective guest must make it clear they will be traveling with a pet in their caravan at the time of booking

2. We regret we cannot accommodate pets accompanying guests who are camping in tents or camper-trailers.

3. Pets must be kept on a lead at all times when not in the guest’s caravan

4. The owner must exercise the pet outside the park, clean up after the pet at all times and not permit it to urinate against park cabins or any park facilities.

5.Pets are not allowed under the Caravan Park and Camping Grounds Act and Regulations in any onsite park accommodation or facilities at any time.

6. We regret we do not allow pets to be tied up on verandahs or to sleep in cars while their owners are in onsite accommodation. If guests are booked into onsite accommodation they must accommodate their pet in a commercial kennel or a cattery.

7. Pets may not be tied up and left outside the caravan when the owners go out;

8. Pets must not be allowed to bark or indulge in anti-social or destructive behaviour.

9. The Park washing machines, laundry trough and driers may not be used for washing pet bedding.

10. The Park laundry and ablution facilities are out of bounds to all pets at all times and under no circumstances may they be used for bathing pets.

11. Owners must clean up after their pets at all times.

12. We regret we are unable to permit large dogs or dogs of a breed that may cause other guests to experience anxiety or fear for their safety. For this reason, breeds such as rottweilers and pit bull terriers are expressly forbidden in the Park.

13. The decision to allow a guest with a pet into the park is at the Manager’s absolute discretion at all times.

14. The Manager reserves the right to ask any guest with a pet to leave immediately if the above rules are not complied with or the pet is causing a nuisance. 

These conditions are aimed at ensuring everyone has an enjoyable stay at our Parks.