Immerse yourself in remote Innovation the outback way!- Norseman past and present

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The Nullarbor is pitted with thousands of caves, some with long water passages that act as a magnet for adventurous divers, yes divers. There are also blowholes and the Eyre Highway hugs the coastline for some of the distance.
 It all starts from the gold mining town of Norseman.
Norseman Past or Present with its character and history intact is interesting with many of the original structures having been preserved, makes one feel for the early pioneers driven by Gold fever they came from all over the world. Iconic trails and heritage side trip sites to inspire your imagination on how their lives must have been.

Norseman mining


















Old Bakery


There is some mystery and magic about Gold fever. Our regular prospectors always arrive with great excitement, you will know what I mean if you have ever met a gold prospector, and you may very well meet them here.
 Gateway Caravan Park provides a much needed service to travellers after having driven Australia’s longest shortcut being the epic road trip across the Nullarbor or if you are about to wander out on your great adventure.    
It is best to stop and stay as long as you like to really feel the farness and quiet of being away from daily activities.
 At night the sky is so big. Whether going for an evening stroll or lying in the ‘Swag’ or from the comfort of your Patio looking up you will not find a clearer vision of the stars anywhere because the air is clear, there’s no pollution or smog to mar the view.
It is times like this when you think about the mystery of this big land.  
Be captivated by ancient landscapes and natural woodlands, dig for fossils.
Sight a mysterious flicker in the night sky, fossick for your own dazzling gems, or connect with nature,
Wildlife and wildflowers. ………immerse yourself!
Wildflowers - Judy Fleming
Photo by Judy Fleming