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A Great Night’s LIVE Entertainment!
Our park’s outdoor entertainment area was alight with happy guests with the barbecue a blaze in readiness for a great night of live entertainment with singing vocals and guitarist Phil Hanley from Queensland. 

Phil and his wife Jacquie spent three days at our caravan park in their large RV as an ideal base from which to explore and enjoy a range of experiences- The rich mining history, some of nature’s magic, wonderful views, walks and adventure trails.  
Everyone enjoyed dancing and singing along to music from the 50’s-60’s-70’s and 80’s. Steve Earl’s song Copper Head Road was a crowd favourite as the kiddies, mums and dads filled the dance floor.

After Phil’s awesome performance our eyes gravitated upwards observing the dark night sky above us to reflect and enjoy some……… STAR GAZING of the sensational Milky Way, Constellations, visible Planets and spectacular Nebulas. Planets to look at were Mars now lingering in the west, Jupiter as it starts to return to the evening side of midnight this month, and Saturn is not far behind Jupiter, although it’s really Jupiter catching up with Saturn.

Constellations of the Month is Carina the Keel. (‘False Cross’). Carina stretches across one of the brightest parts of the Milky Way it contains some of the most stunning and interesting sights in the sky. Then we star hopped to a really bright Magellanic Cloud, which is visible to the unaided human eye, it might look small. A faint bit of the Milky Way that’s broken off.
This special Magellanic Cloud it actually a separate small galaxy, thought to be orbiting our larger Milky Way. WOW!!
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