A Hidden Gem

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You don’t have to travel far and wide from the Gateway Caravan Park to experience the extraordinary.

Spend a few days and base yourself with us.

If you are in the Goldfields or traveling across the Nullarbor make sure you get on the Norseman to Hyden Road.

You can start your trip from the park and drive the amazing road, the dirt road is in excellent quality so you can feel safe either just in a car or motor home or towing.

(Norseman-Hyden Road).

The first 150 km of this road is set amidst the most unbelievable display of gum trees.

You will see Black Butts, Gimlets and the famous Salmon Gums that light up at dawn and dusk. This area is certainly an underrated hidden gem and photography here is pure pleasure.

(Salmon Gum Forest)

After cruising for about 80km you will see Disappointment Rock appear on the left of the track.

There is a great walk marked with quirky interpretive signs indicating sites like “natural bridge” or “gnomes picnics area” and the landscape and wildlife are certainly visually stunning. 

(The view from Disappointment Rock)

Lake Johnson is nestled at the shore of the massive, most often, dry pan you and you are treated with the vast open views from the shelter of old Gimlet trees.  

(Lake Johnson) 

From here you’ll drive to McDermid Rock where on the back of this granite mass is a large pebble balancing rock and spectacularly teetering on a steep slope and well worth the clamber up the almost vertical start of the walk. The formation will leave you puzzled.

The amazing Breakaways is a favourite spot to sit and watch the colours of these change at dawn and dusk or cast your own funny shadows at night along the limestone wall.

(Breakaways and Limestone Wall)

 At the end of this road, just before you get to Hyden, lays one of the most popular tourist attractions in Australia - "Wave Rock".

It is recommended going early in the morning to view the granite breaker as to avoid the ripples of tourists surfing this motionless swell of stone.

By the time you finish riding the wave of excitement, dodging your way through the crowd as if you are starting in a triathlon, you would be ready to return to the quiet woodlands of the return Hyden to Norseman track and back to us.

(Wave Rock)

You can collect a free map of the Norseman-Hyden road called the Granite and Woodlands Trail and speak with us more when you check in!

 I crossed the Nullarbor and made it to the Gateway Caravan Park!

Our Guests love bringing in their ‘I crossed the Nullarbor’ Certificates for us to sign, here’s a couple of those happy park guests.